Information For Talent
Please read carefully

Thank you once again for working with us and welcome to Stageless. A fantastic journey of using your creativity to delight others awaits you.

Please read this page carefully as it forms our current policies on how we work with creators. As a new and growing business, these polices may shift and change, however I am putting a few fundamentals in writing, which will form the basis of how we work together going forward. So, please read carefully.

Thank you,

Hannah Elsy

Social media policy

If you use social media, we would love you to post about your experience working with us. Please interact with us here:





We look forward to seeing what creativity you can bring!

However, there are a few red lines with what you can put on social media in relation to your work with us, if you are completing a private booking at a client’s residence, for example at a private garden party.  

  • Unless you hear otherwise from us, please do not reveal any details on social media about who the client is or where they live. This includes, for example, taking pictures of road signs or train stations on the way to the client’s residence, and pictures where these things are accidentally in the background.

  • When you are at the client’s residence, please ask their permission first before you start creating any content for social media, and respect their wishes if they would prefer the booking to remain private and say no.

If you are working with other talent to make an experience, a reminder that is it is courteous to request permission from your colleagues before posting any content of them online.

Your safety

Your safety when you are delivering experiences on location, for example at the client’s property, is of the utmost importance to us. We have a check in and check out system so that we know how your booking is progressing.


Please read this carefully as you will need to follow the check in and check out system if you are completing a booking where a representative from the company is not present.

On check- in

Please message us to say that you have arrived at the booking. At the moment this will be contacting me on WhatsApp but I might devise another system for tracking this as we grow.

On completion of the experience

Please message us to say that you have completed the experience.

After the experience/ leaving the location

The host may ask you to stay after the experience has been delivered and socialise with them and their guests. We put no obligation on you to stay, but if you would like to, please feel free to.

Reporting bad behaviour from hosts

It is extremely unlikely that a host would behave badly towards you – after all, they are paying for this experience and will want it to be enjoyable. However, in the unlikely event of bad behaviour we have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of threatening behaviour, verbal, or physical harassment from hosts towards you. In the extremely unlikely event that there is any bad behaviour, please report it to us immediately, or, if applicable, the police.

Getting paid

Unless agreed otherwise, you are working with us as a self-employed individual, and therefore are responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes. Please invoice us when you have completed the work you have been contracted to do.


Please itemise separately on your invoice: 

  • your agreed fee

  • any agreed expenses, alongside proof of expenses

The company address to invoice is:

Elsy Limited

T/A Stageless 

124 Finchley Road



Then, please send your invoice in PDF format on 30 day payment terms to:

Do NOT send it to Hannah's Hotmail address please. Rest assured we have received your invoice.


If you cannot send digital records to us of your expenses, we will not be able to reimburse you. Please ensure that you document any receipts or relevant proof of travel, etc, and that this information is included in your invoice.